Liquor liability application is available at the bottom of this article.

Notes about potential quotes:
  • The minimum premium for liquor liability is $15,000 and assault and battery is excluded.
  • The minimum premium for liquor liability is $25,000 which is packaged with general liability and assault and battery is available.
    • We don't usually quote monoline property, so you would have to get a separate property quote, or see the option below.
  • We can separately quote GL and property on one quote starting at $1,000 and get a separate liquor quote starting at a minimum premium of $15,000 (assault and battery would be excluded).  For a property quote, we will need the limit and relevant property information.
  • Quotes are surplus, not admitted.
To obtain a quote we need:

  • The liquor liability application - attached or we can use one from another company.
  • Loss runs for the past 5 years or as long as they have been in business (or tell us if it is a new venture)
    • We cannot get a formal quote without loss runs.  We can only get a rough price indication.
  • Return your application by responding to this email or sending an email with the applicant's name in the subject line to

Upload the application here: