Here is some information on insurance for inflatable rental businesses to help you get started.

Minimum Premiums
- the minimum premium is $20,000 for inflatable rental businesses, additionally there are taxes and fees
- the minimum premium for equipment/furniture/other rental  businesses that do not have inflatables is usually $1000, additionally there are taxes and fees

What we need to get a quote

For businesses with inflatables
- Acord 125 and 126
- Copy of the waiver used with the clients
- website showing what they rent to clients
  - if they do not have a website, please include a list of all of the inflatables that they rent (describe them, such as bounce house)
- 5 years loss runs - or the longest term available, may be required to quote, but are  required to bind

For businesses without inflatables (equipment rentals, virtual reality, escape rooms)
- name, address
- gross sales for the next 12 months
- if applicable, description of the items that are rented, such (example furniture)

- if applicable, description of the escape room or virtual reality

If you have filled out an application from a carrier, please send it, and we can try to quote from it.

Return your application to us through this link: