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General Appetite Information

  1. Roofing 
    1. Asphalt Shingle/Rolled Asphalt: replacement within 25 years
    2. Other Roofing Types (slate, metal, tile, concrete, etc.): maintained within 25 years to be reviewed on account-by-account basis
  2. Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC updates within 35 years.
  3. Frame construction over 3 stories must be fully sprinklered.
  4. Max of 16 units per fire division for Frame & JM.
  5. Remediated aluminum wiring is acceptable.
  6. Fuses, Federal Pacific Stab-Lok, Knob & Tube, & Zinsco are prohibited.
  7. Protection Class 9 & 10 are prohibited.
  8. Max A&B sublimit is $250k/$250k.            
  9. Crime scores need to be below 80 via
  10. We can only consider tenant-occupied SFD exposures when they are 10% or less of the overall schedule.
  11. No major/structural renovations during policy term.
  12. No structures that rest on piers/pilings/stilts.

All terms, conditions, appetites are subject to change.

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Submit your application at this link: