What industries are eligible for a quote?

  • Fire Sprinkler Contractors Insurance
  • Fire Suppression Contractors Insurance
  • Fire Equipment Contractors Insurance

What lines of coverage are available:

– Commercial General Liability 

– Following Form Excess 

– Workers’ Compensation (requires Acord 130 and supplemental found below)

Additional enhancements available on certain quotes:

– Contractors Blanket Additional Insured

– Primary & Non-Contributory Wording

– Blanket Waiver of Transfer of Rights 

– Per Project Aggregate 

– Errors & Omissions Liability 

– Employee Benefits Liability (EBL) 

– Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

 – Cyber Liability

There is not an online application available. Please download the applications below.

What is needed to obtain a quote:

– Completed ACORD applications 125 and 126 (if you are quoting workers comp, include 130)

– Completed Supplemental

– Loss Runs – 5 Years currently valued 

– 2 years job list or cert holder list

– 5 Years premium, payroll & receipts 

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