There are 3 easy ways to request a quote:

2. Send us an application or ACORD forms - if we need more information, we will contact you
3. Send us the basic information below so that we can get a quote
We need the following basic information to obtain a quote:

For liability:

- business or organization name
- address
- estimated gross receipts for the next 12 months
- square footage of the space rented/used by the business

Class specific questions

- for Lessors Risk
  -- the square footage of the building (if there is more than one building, then provide all addresses and square footage of each building
  -- if the owner occupies any space, then we need to know the business operation of the owner, their gross receipts, and how many square feet the occupy

- for contractors

   -- confirm the number of active owners

   -- list each trade and the total payroll for each trade (example: painting $40,000, interior carpentry $20,000)

- a membership organization or religious institution
 -- please send the estimated number of members

- for kennels
    -- number of kennels or cages

- for auto repair or lube and oil shops

    -- number of full time employees and number of part time employees.  Count each owner as one full time employee

For property coverage (optional):

- do they own or rent the building
- limit for BPP
- limit for tenant improvements, if any (this applies to renters NOT owners)
- limit for building, if any
- year built (if older than 25 years, please specify when it was upgraded)
  -- we need to know the update years for the heating, roofing, plumbing, and electrical
- construction type (frame, joisted masonry, other)
- is there an active central station alarm (in many cases, if there is not, then theft will be excluded)
- is the building 100% sprinklered

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