These are generally eligible for same day quotes for GL and property:


  • Remember to ask about adding $5,000 of contractors tools and equipment and other additional coverage for only $250 premium (in most cases) - property coverage not required to purchase this endorsement.
  • Blanket Additional insured included on many classes
  • Minimum Premiums start at $495 for some janitorial accounts and $650 for many more.
  • Residential and Commercial Janitorial eligible for quoting
  • May be eligible excess or umbrella starting at only $500 to $750 per $1 million
  • Ask about EPLI Insurance For this class

Notes about the Janitorial Class

There are 3 easy ways to request a quote:

1. Fill out our online application here: 
2. Send us an application or ACORD forms (include the number of owners and total payroll) or the application at the bottom of the screen.
3. Send us the basic information below so that we can get a quote

Retail store floor waxing is prohibited by many carriers.  If the applicant waxes retail store floors, please advise in your initial communication with us as it will require more information to obtain a quote.