Insurance Agents E&O (Professional Liability)

New option available as of May 1, 2020 

(this is just one quote option and may or may not apply to the quote that you receive)

Highlights of Insurance Agents E&O

  • Limits up to $3 million / $3 million
  • Optional Excess Coverage available
  • Right and Duty to Defend Wording
  • Regulatory and Administrative Actions Expense Reimbursement
  • Disciplinary Proceeding Reimbursement
  • Defendant’s Reimbursement
  • 30-Day Automatic Extended Reporting Period
  • Independent Contractors for Professional Services on Behalf of the Named Insured
  • Punitive Damages (where insurable by law)
  • Mediation deductible reduction (50%)

Optional Enhancements:

  • 1st Dollar Defense
  • Aggregate Deductible (X3)
  • Claims Expense in Addition to the limit (1X per claim limit up to $1M max)
  • B+ Insolvency Exclusion Carve Back
  • 3-Year Bilateral ERP

Other Quotes:

- Privacy Liability and Cyber Liability
    - CALIFORNIA AGENTS - your current policy, if you have one, may not comply with the new CCPA rules (California Consumer Protection Act).  We would be happy to quote a policy that can assist you.
    -Other States - we can help with cyber liability for insurance agents.  Even if the law does not require it, you should strongly consider it.

- General liability or a BOP quote, they start at $250 and we would just need to know your office square footage, estimated gross receipts, and the amount of business personal property to quote.

    - Request a quote for a BOP or Cyber Liability here: 

How to return your Insurance Agents Professional Liability (E&O) Application