Auto Insurance

We do NOT sell commercial auto for truckers.

General Liability for Truckers and Couriers

- These quotes start around $950 annually.  To obtain a quote, please either respond to this email with application that you already have or use our easy online application:
- Make sure to include the payroll or to note the number of active owners if there are no employees.   Include terminal employees and garage personnel within total payroll.
- If sub contractors are utilized, please advise the payroll to sub contractors
- Verify auto liability coverage is in place with equal limits
- This classification applies to risks engaged in hauling goods of others under contract and not goods owned by the insured.  If the applicant hauls their own goods, please advise us.
- Quotes are subject to:
 - No towing operations
 - No hauling of the following: Hazardous materials, chemicals or explosives, no coal, no logs (no logs applies to truckers only, but we can help with lumber companies)
 - No Intermodal transport

We can also help with general liability for:

- freight forwarders
- packaging, mailing, and shipping centers
- courier services
- applicant repair professionals

Cargo Insurance

We can only help if the applicant has 3 years prior coverage and can prove it. The underwriter general requires the following information to obtain a quote for Motor Truck Cargo.

  • Confirm the MTC limit needed for this risk.  
  • 3 years prior carrier coverage loss runs.
  • Driver MVRs.
  • Financials or Dun and Bradstreet Number.
o  Need Balance sheet and income statement OR corporate 1120S tax form.
o  CAB rating must be Satisfactory, Barely Fair or Fair. We cannot accept Unsatisfactory, Dangerous or Poor ratings.
o  Must be received, reviewed and approved PRIOR to binding coverage.
  • Pricing Target - please advise us of the prior premium so that the underwriter can advise if they can be competitive.

ICC Bond


For the $75,000 ICC Bond, there are 2 available rates (preferred and standard) and I can see for which one the applicant can qualify or if they do not qualify.


Eventually the underwriter will likely also ask for a financial worksheet, but we can start with just the basic info to see if we can get past that step. No signature if required for a quote.  We can send you the applications when you are ready to get a quote.

Crime Insurance

We can quote crime insurance in most states.  You can use the application located here:

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance

We can quote crime insurance in most states.  You can use the application located here: