For Freight Broker and Property Broker Bonds:  

Auto Insurance

We do NOT sell commercial auto for truckers.

General Liability for Truckers, Couriers, Freight Forwarders

- These quotes start around $650 minimum premium annually.  To obtain a quote, please either respond to this email with application that you already have or use our easy online application:
- Make sure to include the payroll or to note the number of active owners if there are no employees.   Include terminal employees and garage personnel within total payroll.
- If sub contractors are utilized, please advise the payroll to sub contractors
- Verify auto liability coverage is in place with equal limits
- This classification applies to risks engaged in hauling goods of others under contract and not goods owned by the insured.  If the applicant hauls their own goods, please advise us.
- Quotes are subject to:
 - No towing operations
 - No hauling of the following: Hazardous materials, chemicals or explosives, no coal, no logs (no logs applies to truckers only, but we can help with lumber companies)
 - No Intermodal transport

We can also help with general liability for:

- freight forwarders
- packaging, mailing, and shipping centers
- courier services
- applicant repair professionals

Excess and Umbrella

Quotes are available for $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 of excess or umbrella.

- We need copies of the underlying policies

- Acord 125 or Acord 131

Cargo Insurance

We can quote Motor Truck Cargo (MTC) insurance for truckers with lower limits.  Please send us your MTC applications to We accept other company's applications.

Bonds for Trucking and Freight Forwarding

Property Broker's Surety Bond Under 49 U.S.C. 13906 (ICC Broker Bond) (BMC 84) (FMCSA) (SDDC)


For the $75,000  Bond, there are 2 available rates (preferred and standard) and we can see for which one the applicant can qualify or if they do not qualify.


Eventually the underwriter will likely also ask for a financial worksheet, but we can start with just the basic info to see if we can get past that step. No signature if required for a quote.  We can send you the applications when you are ready to get a quote.

Crime Insurance

We can quote crime insurance in most states.  You can use the application located here:

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance

We can quote crime insurance in most states.  

Click here to request an application.