New Small Business BOP with Quote


How to get a quote


  • See class list on the following pages
  • Home-based and retail/office locations are eligible


  • Minimum premium $250 for most business types
  • Admitted Quotes
  • Add landlord as additional insured for no charge.  Blanket AI available
  • Rapid Quotes
  • General liability, business personal property, and business income on a single quote
  • Property coverage for buildings and business personal property available
  • Optional hired and non-owned autos
  • Cyber risk available for many classes
  • Simple renewal process
  • Limits up to $2 mil per occurrence / $4 mil aggregate


Contact Information


Accounting Services – CPAs 

Accounting Services – Except CPAs 

Advertising and Related Services 

Air Conditioning Equipment – Retail Only 

Antique Stores 

Appliance Distributors 

Appliance Stores 

Army and Navy Stores 

Art Galleries 

Auctioneers – Sales away from the insured's premises 

Auctions – On the insured's premises Automobile Parts and Supplies 


Barber or Beauty Shop Supplies Distributors  

Barber Shops 

Beauty Parlors, Hair Styling, or Nail Salons 

Beverage Stores – Liquor and Wine 

Bicycle Shops 

Bone, Horn and Ivory Products – Retail Only 

Bookbinding and Printing Supplies 

Bookkeeping Services 

Books and Magazines Stores 

Building Materials – Contractors Equipment Dealers Camera and Photographic Equipment – Retail Only 

Candy or Confectionary Stores 

Carpet, Rug, Furniture or Upholstery Cleaning 

Catalog or Premium Coupon Redemption Stores Ceramics – Retail Only 

Clothing or Wearing Apparel – Distributors 

Clothing or Wearing Apparel – Retail 

Collectibles and Memorabilia 

Collection Agencies 

Computer Stores 

Copying and Duplicating Stores 

Cosmetic, Hair or Skin Preparation – Retail Only 

Credit Reporting Agencies 

Dairy Products, incl. Ice Cream Stores 

Dental Laboratories 

Department Stores 

Drug Distributors (No re-packaging or own labeled products) Drugstores 

Electrical Lighting Stores 

Electronics Stores 

Employment and Staffing Agencies 

Engineers or Architects – Consulting – No Construction 


Equipment, Fixtures or Supplies Distributors 

Fabric Stores 

Fence Dealers 

Floor Covering 


Fruit or Vegetable Dealers and Distributors 

Funeral Homes or Chapels 

Fur – Garments and Pelts – Retail Only 


Gardening and Light Farming Supply Gift Shops 

Glass Dealers and Glaziers – Retail Only 

Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores (Incl. Apparel) 

Hardware and Tools 

Health Maintenance Organizations 

Health or Natural Food Stores 

Hearing Aid 

Heating and Air Conditioning equipment – Distributors Only 

Hobby, Craft or Artists' Supply 

Home Furnishings Stores 

Home Improvement Stores 

Inspection and Appraisal Companies 

Insurance Agents 

Interior Decorators 

Janitorial Supplies 

Jewelry Distributors 

Jewelry Repair 

Jewelry Stores 

Laundromat (Self-service) 

Laundry and Dry Cleaning 


Leather Products or Hide Stores – Retail only 

Lessor’s-Risk Only (insured owns but does not occupy the insured premises) Lithographing 


Luggage Goods – Retail Only 

Machinery or Equipment Dealers – Farm Type Only 

Mail Box or Packaging Stores 

Mail Order Houses – Retail Only 

Mailing or Addressing Companies 

Manufacturers' Representatives 

Marble Products – Retail only 

Marine Appraisers or Surveyors 

Medical Offices (Professional Services excluded) 

Medical, Hospital and Surgical Supply – Retail Only 

Metal Dealers 

Music Stores – Pre-recorded 

Musical Instrument Stores 

Nail Salons 


Not Otherwise Classified – See footnote 2 

Notary Public

Office Machines or Appliances 

Optical Goods 

Paint, Wallpaper or Wallcovering Stores 

Painting, Picture or Frame Stores 

Pawn Shops 

Payroll Accounting Services 

Pet Stores 



Photographic Equipment – Retail only 

Plumbing Supplies and Fixtures 

Political Campaign Headquarters or Offices 

Powered Equipment Dealers 

Precision and Scientific Tools and Instruments – Retail 


Real Estate Agents 

Refrigeration Equipment – Commercial 

Retail Stores (Not Otherwise Classified) 

Self-storage Facilities 

Sewing Machine Stores 

Stationery or Paper Products 

Straw and Straw Products – Retail Only 

Swimming Pools – Retail Store Only 

Tailoring or Dressmaking Establishments – Custom Taxidermists 

Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair 

Ticket Agencies – Other Than Theatrical Ticket Agencies – Theatrical Title Agents 


Ship Chandler Stores 

Shoe Stores 


Trophy Stores Variety Stores 

Veterinarians Office 

Video Stores 

Water Companies (Commercial or Residential Bottled Water) 

Wigs – Retail only 

Wood Products – Not Otherwise Classified – Retail only 


2. Not Otherwise Classified - This classification only contemplates business and professional services which are performed in the insured’s own office premises or on the office premises of a customer.  It is not intended for business operations beyond those within a clerical office setting. 




What if I do not see the class I need on the list?