We love quoting non-profits and social services.

We can quickly quote the D&O and EPLI with just:

- organization name

- description of activities

- address

- number of active board members

- number of employees (if any)

   -- estimated payroll (if any)

- estimated amount of money in their operating fund

If you have that information ready, you can either email it to us here: https://help.yesbaker.com/support/tickets/new or download the D&O app at the bottom of the screen and submit it when ready.

For the general liability for a social service / non-profit, it depends on what services they provide and which coverage the want.  You can use the attached applications, one is shorter than the other and is geared towards a more simple organization.  Minimum premiums often start at $500.

- you can choose from one of the 2 attached applications

  -- if the organization is just a foundation that raises money, then we can usually get you an estimate based on just the square footage of the office (if any) without an application

  -- estimated annual gross receipts (meaning before they expenses)

- Various coverage options are available
  -- professional liability
  -- abuse coverage 
  -- hired and non-owned autos

If they have special events:

- we need to know the type of events

- number of events
- estimate attendance per event (you can tell us in a bloc

- if any events involve automobiles, boats, or motorcycles, we will need approval

When looking at the applications, remember that they are longer because they try to encompass many potential services.  Please have only the relevant sections completed.

How to submit an application:

  1. Click this link: https://help.yesbaker.com/support/tickets/new and attach the file to it