Insurance Agents E&O
We would be happy to help with your insurance agents E&O.  We are not able to quote this type of policy from the online application, but you can use the attached application to send to us or you can send us another carrier's application.

Please note that the minimum premium that we see is $2000, so it is helpful to tell us what you are paying now so that we can confirm with the underwriter than it is more than the minimum premium.

Other Quotes:

- Privacy Liability and Cyber Liability
    - CALIFORNIA AGENTS - your current policy, if you have one, may not comply with the new CCPA rules (California Consumer Protection Act).  We would be happy to quote a policy that can assist you.
    -Other States - we can help with cyber liability for insurance agents.  Even if the law does not require it, you should strongly consider it.
- General liability or a BOP quote, they start at $500 and we would just need to know your office square footage and estimated gross receipts.

How to return your Application