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These quotes are eligible for general liability

  1. Martial Arts Schools and Studios
  2. Dance Schools and Studios
  3. Individual Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Dance Instructors
  4. Vendors (such as food carts, food trailer, small kiosks, and swap meet vendors)  (caterers and food trucks are not eligible)
  5. Performer (such as face painters, DJs, and Santas)
  6. Wedding and Wedding Reception Insurance
  7. Camps, Clinics & Conferences (sports and seminars)
  8. Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  9. Health and Wellness (masseuses, beauty professionals, barbers,  nail technicians, spa technicians, and estheticians)
  10. Special Events
  11. Individual Accidental Death Insurance -- coming soon


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These quotes are eligible for online price indications (meaning estimates), but cannot be purchased online:

  1. D&O
  2. EPLI
  3. Handyman General Liability
  4. Property Preservation General Liability

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