Online Binding - The How to guide

(available only to producers who have signed a producer agreement)

Are you tired of waiting for quotes and paper applications?  


We are excited to help you close more business through our online binding links.





How it works:


  1. Use the link  and chose the program that fits your needs.  You can quote and purchase the policy online, generating a real-time certificate of insurance.  
  2. After you complete the payment, email us at with the name of your client and the type policy that you sold.  Example:  Jane Doe, Personal Trainer
  3. We will then send you a commission based on the premium.  Always make sure that we have your current address on file.
  4. Important Note: make sure to put your email, not the clients email into the email box so that you receive a confirmation.  If you forget to do this, please email us with the clients name.

What types of quotes are eligible?

  1. Martial Arts Schools and Studios
  2. Dance Schools and Studios
  3. Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor
  4. Vendors (such as food carts, mall kiosks, and swap meet vendors)  (caterers are not eligibile)
  5. Performer (such as face painters, DJs, and Santas)
  6. Wedding and Wedding Reception
  7. Camps, Clinics & Conferences (sports and seminars)
  8. Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  9. Health and Wellness (masseuses, beauty professionals, and more)


These quotes are eligible for online price indications (meaning estimates), but cannot be purchased online:


  1. Handyman General Liability
  2. Property Preservation General Liability
  3. D&O
  4. EPLI

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if a vendor wants equipment coverage?  Download the application here:

What if I my clients works at multiple locations under the performer or vendor quote?  Write the words "multiple locations" and "multiple events" when the online application asks these questions.

Commissions: The commission is 10% of the premium.


Payment: The first payment or full payment, depending on the purchase, is made at the time of binding.


Certificates of Insurance:  Certificates are generated after the payment on quotes that are completed on .  If you put in your client's email address, the insured will also a receive a copy of the certificate directly by email.  Please note that the email will come from a email address.  To generate new certificates, there will be a link provided in the introductory email where you can manage the certificates online.


Endorsements: These cannot be made online at this time, so if you have a change request, please email us at  You will be billed separately for these.

Exclusions: It is your responsibility to read the exclusions listed on the website.  The risk purchasing group has exclusions that can vary by location and policy.  If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing coverage.


What do I do if a vendor quote asks for the locations and here are multiple locations and events?  See image below: