We can obtain quotes for professional liability for:

  1. Business Brokerage Services
  2. Construction Development and Ownership Interest Services
  3. Mortgage Brokers
  4. Other Real Estate Services
  5. Property Managers
  6. Real Estate Agents and/or Real Estate Brokers - Most competitive opportunities with primarily commercial real estate agents with or without prior claims / residential agents with claims
  7. Real Estate Appraisers
  8. Real Estate Auctioneers
  9. Real Estate Consulting / Counseling Services
  10. REITs (real estate investment trust insurance)

Lines of Coverage available for Quoting

  • Professional liability (E&O Insurance)
  • Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance
  • Social Engineering / Fraud Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance (Businessowners Policy may be available)
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

How to get a quote:

  1. Download the application at the bottom of the page
  2. Complete section A-E and then all of the relevant sections on the rest of the application.  It can be used for real estate agents/brokers, mortgage brokers, consultants, and more.

You can submit your application by email, fax, or online at:   https://yesbaker.com/contact-us/