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This is just a partial list of hot classes. We have many more options available. Remember, if you do not see it here, just contact us to requesting a quote. We can help with many types of contractors, including general contractors and remodeling contractors.

California Contractor Rapid quotes – these are eligible for same day quotes for GL and property:


  • Remember to ask about the artisan enhancement that can offer $10,000 of contractors tools and equipment and other additional coverage for only $150 premium (in most cases) - property coverage not required to purchase this endorsement.
  • Blanket Additional insured included on many classes
  • Minimum Premiums start at $495 for many classes and $650 for many more.
  • Most of these classes are eligible for excess or umbrella starting at only $500 per $1 million


Class Description 
Carpet, Rug, Furniture or Upholstery Cleaning-On customer's premises-Office & Shop 
Ceiling or Wall Installation - Metal only (Other than Metal should be classified as Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation or Carpentry) - Office & Shop 
Driveway, Parking Area or Sidewalk Repair - Paving or Re-paving (Not including clearing of right-of-way, earth or rock excavation and filling or grading of land)-Shop 
Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation - Office & Shop 
Floor Covering Installation - Not Ceramic Tile or Stone - Office & Shop     
Interior Designer Insurance
Janitorial Services - commercial 
Landscape Gardening - No Tree Removal or Excavation  - Office & Shop 
Lawn Care 
Painting - Exterior - 3 stories or less in height - Office & Shop 
Painting - Interior - Office & Shop 
Paper Hanging - Office & Shop 
Property Preservation Insurance
Residential Cleaning Services - Office & Shop 
Tile, Stone, Marble Mosaic or Terrazzo Work - Interior Construction (Includes incidental exterior work) - Office & Shop 
Window Cleaning - 3 stories or less - Office & Shop 

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Always make sure to include the payroll for each class that we are quoting.

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Do you have have contractors outside of California?   In other states we can write many more classes of contractors under our rapid quote system.

Coverage availability varies based on class.  Each submission is individually underwritten.

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